Dredging fleet

Dredging fleet provides the whole range of dredging


Marine self-propelled dredgers: «Belomorskiy» and «Onezhskiy«, each with a capacity of 1,000 technical cubic meters per hour and a maximum depth of 25 m lifting ground and 16 m, respectively. Dredgers can produce alluvium coastal areas to a distance of 700 and 400 meters respectively.

Marine self-propelled dredger «Dvinsky Zaliv» with the technical capacity of 750 cubic meters per hour. and a maximum depth of 24 m dredging «Dvina Bay» is serviced by three marine barges, each with capacity of 500 m3 and can produce up to develop soil VII category in difficulty developing (dense clay, hard bottom with boulders).


The Fleet



Vessel DWT Type
TSHD “Belomorskiy 2044 t Twin screw, self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredger
TSHD “Onezhskiy 1747 t



Vessel DWT Type
 BCD “Dvinsky Zaliv 583 t Twin-screw, self-propelled (diesel-electric) bucket chain dredger



Vessel DWT Type
Chizhovka 1068 t Twin screw, self-propelled dump bottom doors hopper barge
Teriberka 888 t