Mission & Targets

The STASO GmbH vision is to expand and pursue opportunities whenever it finds the optimum balance between risk and reward. It will continuously seek to develop and differentiate its services and the RELATIONSHIP with its customers on a worldwide basis. STASO GmbH is committed to develop efficient, flexible, environmentally friendly and technologically pioneering solutions, in order to take on any assigned challenge.


Our main targets are:

  • To service our customers with highly reliable, efficient, flexible and cost-effective services, whilst achieving the best possible utilization of each activity’s earning potential.
  • STASO GmbH seeks to become an excellent and resilient contributing to sustainable global economic growth.
  • By the realistic deployment of its financial and human resources, to maintain and further develop its commercial relationships with customers, in order to possess continued profitability and superior returns.
  • Ensure a strong international presence in shipping, heavy lift transportation, towing & salvage, marine offshore projects etc, through the selective additions and the efficient management of a wide area of services and activities.
  • Maintain leadership in all company’s activities, meet the challenges of the contemporary markets, implement a sound investment policy and identify opportunities.

Set realistic short and long terms targets.